Teaching Tasters

Babylonia would like to welcome you to our between-issue feature, Teaching Tasters -  Amuse-bouche didactiques - Praxis-Gluschterli - Spuntini didattici - Buccadinas didacticas.

To see previous teaching tasters, please see our archives.

Should you wish to submit a teaching taster, please follow the guidelines below (not following these guidelines is a clear reason for refusal).

Teaching Tasters:

  • must promote plurilingualism (the activities lasso in on the plurilingualism of the classroom) or be general enough that they can be used for different languages.
  • must be useful for different instructional levels or ages, or a transfer is mentioned.
  • include materials that teachers can use “as is” or with simple adaptations.
  • are “timely” (reflecting movements, issues and ideas in contemporary society) or “timeless” (e.g. games and ideas that can be used in multiple contexts).
  • contain no more than 1 page (ca. 4,000 characters) of descriptive text (procedures and justifications, no theoretical foundations);
  • contain no more than 4 pages of teacher-friendly, ready-to-use instructional materials for the classroom;
  • contain no more than three references.

Authors are responsible for acquiring copyright permissions for any media (graphics, audio, video, etc.).


  • For a February publication, submit a proposal (LINK) by November and your full text by January 1.
  • For a June publication, submit your proposal (LINK) by March and your full text by May 1.
  • For an October publication, submit your proposal (LINK) by July and your full text by September 1.

Please keep in mind that an accepted proposal is not a guarantee that the final work will be accepted. Authors are also welcome to send in full texts only by the respective dates (without having sent in a proposal).

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Laura Buechel (laura.buechel@phzh.ch)

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