Teaching Tasters

Babylonia would like to welcome you to our between-issue feature, Teaching Tasters -  Amuse-bouche didactiques - Praxis-Gluschterli - Unterrichtshäppchen – Spuntini didattici - Buccadinas didacticas. These practical teaching impulses, published three times a year, bridge the larger thematic issues. Should you be interested in contributing, please submit a proposal or full text via the platform (LINK) and keep in mind that teaching tasters:

  • must be either plurilingual in nature (the activities must lasso in on the plurilingualism of the classroom), be general enough that they can be used for different languages, or be translated into at least 2 languages for publication.
  • must be useful for different instructional levels or ages, or a transfer is mentioned.
  • are not theoretical and generally run 2-6 pages.
  • include materials that teachers can use “as is” or with simple adaptations.
  • are “timely” or “timeless”.

For a February publication, send your proposal by November and your full text by January 1.

For a June publication, send your proposal by March and your full text by May 1.

For an October publication, send your proposal by July and your full text by September 1.

You are welcome to send in full texts only by the respective dates.

Please keep in mind that a proposal is not a guarantee that the final work will be accepted.

Please respect the following guidelines:

  • Teaching Tasters should be no more than 2 pages (ca. 8,000 characters) of descriptive text (procedures and justifications, not theoretical foundation);
  • Teaching Tasters should be no longer than 4 pages of teacher-friendly, ready-to-use instructional materials for the classroom;
  • Authors are responsible for acquiring copyright permissions for any graphics;
  • Please use no more than three references;
  • More general author guidelines about formatting can be found here: https://babylonia.online/index.php/babylonia/about/submissions.

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Laura Buechel (laura.buechel@phzh.ch)

The Teaching Tasters are published with the support of: