Teaching Tasters

Babylonia would like to welcome you to our between-issue feature, Teaching Tasters -  Amuse-bouche didactiques - Praxis-Gluschterli - Unterrichtshäppchen – Spuntini didattici - Buccadinas didacticas. These practical teaching impulses will be released two to three times a year, to bridge the larger thematic issues published three times a year. Should you be interested in contributing, please submit a proposal to laura.buechel@phzh.ch and keep in mind that teaching tasters:

  • must be either plurilingual in nature (the activities must lasso in on the plurilingualism of the classroom) or be translated into at least 2 languages for publication.
  • must be useful for different instructional levels or ages, or a transfer is mentioned.
  • are not theoretical and generally run 2-6 pages.
  • include materials that teachers can use “as is” or with simple adaptations.
  • are “timely” or “timeless”.

Please respect the following guidelines:

  • Teaching Tasters should be no more than 2 pages (ca. 8,000 characters) of descriptive text (procedures and justifications, not theoretical foundation);
  • Teaching Tasters should be no longer than 4 pages of teacher-friendly, ready-to-use instructional materials for the classroom;
  • Authors are responsible for acquiring copyright permissions for any graphics;
  • Please use no more than three references;
  • More general author guidelines about formatting can be found here: https://babylonia.online/index.php/babylonia/about/submissions.

Available Teaching Tasters:

01/2022: Vocab Dice Games

03/2021: Le pionere ticinesi della politica

02/2021: Body Grammar

01/2021: A tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Marthe Gosteli, and Emilie Lieberherr

Coming soon:

02/2022: Arsène Lupin

The teaching tasters are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.