New partnership between Babylonia and CeDiLE


Babylonia and CeDiLE, two organizations that share a common interest in foreign language learning and teaching, have recently formed a partnership that will allow for a more comprehensive coverage of the field in Switzerland.

Since its creation in 2019, the CeDiLE (Centre de didactique des langues étrangères) website  has emerged as an important platform for the dissemination of scientific and pedagogical content.  With the aim of stimulating exchanges between research and practice in foreign language didactics, CeDiLE produces information in generally short and accessible formats.

Similarly to Babylonia, CeDiLE seeks critical dialogue by presenting divergent opinions on topics such as early foreign language learning in schools and language teaching policies. The blog format of CeDiLE allows for regular posting of interviews, research summaries, videos and podcasts that are useful to the larger scientific and pedagogical community interested in foreign language teaching and learning.

Starting in December, you will be offered the opportunity to read, listen to, or watch original interviews with the editors and/or the authors of Babylonia’s new issues on the CeDiLE's website. As for the content produced by CeDiLE, it will appear on Babylonia's website, echoing the journal's themes.

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