Student teachers’ experiences with digital tools for vocabulary learning




digital natives, word card strategy / Lernkartei, professional development


Universities of Teacher Education in Switzerland have increasingly more students who are digital natives. In 2018, I had the first student who mentioned using a digital tool. To find out more about how students used to learn vocabulary and about experiences they might have had during a practicum, one cohort was asked to complete an online questionnaire. Twenty-six digital natives answered the 10 open-ended questions. Findings revealed that Quizlet is the most popular digital tool. It is assumed that many students as well as in-service teachers would benefit from attending a professional development programme to find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of using digital tools. The focus should be on language learning and teaching with the help of digital tools in meaningful ways.




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Schwab, S. (2022). Student teachers’ experiences with digital tools for vocabulary learning. Babylonia Multilingual Journal of Language Education, 1, 72–77.