Learning about Languages with the Canadian Language Museum


  • Elaine Gold Canadian Language Museum




language museum, exhibits, Indigenous languages, Canada


The Canadian Language Museum creates exhibits to introduce the public to Canada’s rich linguistic heritage: over 60 Indigenous languages, the official languages of French and English, and hundreds of languages brought by immigrants from around the world.  To create these exhibits, the curators grapple with the challenge of making exhibits about languages interesting and accessible, both to those who speak the language described and to those who have no familiarity with it.  This article focuses on three traveling exhibits: Cree: The People’s Language; Speaking the Inuit Way, and A Tapestry of Voices: Celebrating Canada’s Languages.  It outlines topics broached and techniques used to simplify complex linguistic issues and to involve audiences of various ages and backgrounds.





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Gold, E. (2022). Learning about Languages with the Canadian Language Museum. Babylonia Multilingual Journal of Language Education, 3, 20–24. https://doi.org/10.55393/babylonia.v3i.224