Evolution des répertoires plurilingues d'adolescent.e.s primo-arrivant.e.s, quelles conditions pour les langues d'origine?





répertoires linguistiques plurilingues


I discuss the role heritage languages courses play in the development of the multilingual language repertoires of migrant teenagers I interviewed for my doctoral research. Surprisingly, almost none of my participants know that heritage language courses are provided in their home language, but some of them mention studying other languages. I argue that heritage classes do not seem to suit first generation migrants but rather second-generation individuals who wish to discover or develop their parent’s language (or sometimes another language). I also argue that school does not play its role in valorizing heritage languages even though heritage language learning objectives are mentioned in the curricular.



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Mathivat, N. (2023). Evolution des répertoires plurilingues d’adolescent.e.s primo-arrivant.e.s, quelles conditions pour les langues d’origine?. Babylonia Multilingual Journal of Language Education, 1, 76–78. https://doi.org/10.55393/babylonia.v1i.238