L'écriture créative: un outil évaluateur de la compréhension d'un texte littéraire en classe de L2


  • Debora Porfiri Université de Genève




creative writing, teaching literature, foreign languages


It is a wide-spread assumption at Secondary II schools in Geneva: assessing comprehension of a literary text happens primarily via argumentative writing. This contribution will show that creative writing in articulation with a literary text leads learners to high school objectives thanks to a new posture: that of a lect’auteur (blending of ‘reader’ and ‘author’). The results demonstrate that the degree of impregnation of the output text with respect to the input text increases as the didactic path unfolds, thus confirming the hypothesis that creative writing is a valuable tool to measure reading comprehension. This is made possible by the new posture of the lect’auteur which departs from the more traditional one of the analytical reader.



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Porfiri, D. (2023). L’écriture créative: un outil évaluateur de la compréhension d’un texte littéraire en classe de L2. Babylonia Multilingual Journal of Language Education, 3, 30–35. https://doi.org/10.55393/babylonia.v3i.303