Museum audio description as a foreign language learning tool




museum audio description, didactic audio description, English as a foreign language, audiovisual translation, museum translation


This contribution focuses on museum audio description (AD), originally intended as an access tool for people with visual impairments, in order to consider its potential for foreign language learning (FLL). Screen AD of films and videos has already been investigated as catering new groups, such as migrants and learners, and as a teaching activity for foreign language (FL) education. Likewise, this paper argues that museum AD may similarly be revisited as a didactic instrument to engage with people studying FLs (e.g. English), as part of both formal and informal learning. The benefits of museum AD for FLL will be discussed by analysing an example of a museum AD script in English and proposing a lesson plan comprising passive and active AD tasks.

Author Biography

Chiara Bartolini, University of Bologna

Chiara Bartolini è Assegnista di ricerca e Professoressa a contratto di Traduzione all’Università di Bologna. Con un dottorato di ricerca in Traduzione, Interpretazione e Studi Interculturali, è specializzata nella traduzione museale. Il suo progetto si intitola “Ways of Seeing: l’audiodescrizione museale per tutti”.




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Bartolini, C. (2022). Museum audio description as a foreign language learning tool. Babylonia Multilingual Journal of Language Education, 3, 64–71.