Virtualmente visitati, materialmente descritti

Apprendimento linguistico al museo con testi e reperti di ambito archeologico


  • Debora Gay Humboldt Universität Berlin



didattica al museo, apprendimento collaborativo, didattica dell'italiano L2, CLIL, apprendimento autonomo


In a process of approaching society the contemporary museum has become a place in which languages are taught and learnt. Modernisation of museum texts, digitalisation and accessibility of museums’ cultural contents let grow the chances, the opportunities and the ways of learning languages through art contents. Languages can be taught now days enjoying art at museums both as a physical and as a virtual experience. Starting from these considerations, the article focuses some properties of museums’ texts providing evidences for language didactics. From this point on, it presents and discusses some learning experiences at the museum or online in its website and, with this, the students’ outcome as written texts. The teaching context concerns academic Italian courses at the university in Germany and CLIL teaching settings at the secondary school in Italy.



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Gay, D. (2023). Virtualmente visitati, materialmente descritti: Apprendimento linguistico al museo con testi e reperti di ambito archeologico. Babylonia Multilingual Journal of Language Education, 2, 22–29.