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Visiting museums and learning languages - and exploring the world in the process.

The SMILE (Swiss Museums in Language Education) project collects instructional materials for classes ready for a museum adventure. Through the learning of language, learners are immersed in the world of art, literature, history, technology and much more.

We start with considerations and activities that should apply to all museums, such as planning the trip with the learners or getting to know the museum's website. Museums can be clicked on the interactive map of Switzerland to access specific teaching suggestions with exercises and activities. These are supplemented on a digital pinboard with further sources of inspiration for language learning: interviews, relevant websites for research by learners, etc. Quick! Off to the museum!

The SMILE project is supported by the Loterie Romande. Instructional materials for various museums will be added gradually in the upcoming years.

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Published: 2023-09-07