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2021 marked Babylonia's first year as an open-access journal.  The results of this experience are positive to say the least: We have seen readership and article downloads on our new website grow from less than 600 in January to more than 1400 in November, and have received many positive comments about our new platform.

2021 also marked the launch of our new feature, Teaching Tasters, which have been a great success with over 4500 reads and downloads. 

For 2022, we are pleased to announce a partnership with CeDiLE. This will allow us to vary the format of information on our common topics. Furthermore, we are planning the transfer of Babylonia's 30 years of archives to our new site which will allow for universal, free access to a wealth of knowledge and know-how that has been accumulated over three decades.

As the year draws to an end, we would like to thank the Federal Office of Culture, the Institute for Multilingualism and the Oertli Foundation for their financial and administrative support, but especially you, dear readers and authors, without whom our work would be meaningless. 

We wish you a wonderful start to 2022 and we hope you enjoy reading this issue. We hope it will provide you with new ways of thinking about the representation of each of us in language and society!



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